Our Academy Charter

Our academy has developed its own Academy Charter, which is based on the UNICEF Rights, Respecting School programme.
We put a great deal of emphasis on rewarding children for being responsible and ensuring the rights of others are respected. We also have a very structured approach to using sanctions for inappropriate behaviour, and have developed a comprehensive Anti-Bullying Policy with members of our academy community, both of which are implemented consistently throughout the academy.

Our Rights Our Responsibilities
The right to learn We will listen and be listened to
We will not call out
We will do our best
The right to play and have friends We will share
We will be kind and gentle
We will look after each other
The right to feel and be safe We will look after our things
We will tidy up
We will not hurt people
The right to feel included We will work as a team
We will not leave people out
We will help each other
The right to be heard We will share our ideas
We will listen to others
We will have a go
The right to be me We will accept that we are all different
We will say well done
We will be honest