Our Vision

Our Academy Vision is to:

Make a difference and have a positive impact on every child by supporting them to be happy, confident and prepared for life in an ever-changing world, through quality, inspiring teaching and inclusive learning opportunities within which they are valued and thrive.

In our academy this means we have:

Happy, confident children who:

  • Have self-belief in their ability to learn
  • Love learning and thrive on a challenge
  • Give everything their best and know this is valued
  • Know their voices matter, will be heard and acted upon

Resilient, successful learners who:

  • Are willing to have a go even when the task is tricky
  • Are innovative and creative problem-solvers
  • Explore and follow their own curiosities
  • Have the motivation and strategies to be continual lifelong learners

Empathic and respectful individuals who:

  • Are kind and respectful to everyone and the world around them
  • Are responsible and caring towards others
  • Take pride in acting as role-models to others
  • Celebrate one another’s unique differences and are proud to be members of our school

Our academy uses our School Charter which is based on the UNICEF rights of every child to empower our children to uphold our vision.