Academy Vision

Our academy vision is that every member of our school community will be:

  • A Happy, Confident Individual
  • A Successful Learner
  • A Responsible Citizen
  • An Effective Contributor

What this means at Pound Hill Infant Academy:

A Happy, Confident Individual

  • has a positive attitude
  • asks questions
  • tries really hard even when things are difficult
  • is not afraid to get things wrong

A Successful Learner

  • has a love of learning
  • solves problems
  • is innovative and creative
  • manages risks
  • uses strategies and has the confidence to cope with change and adapt to change
  • responds positively to opportunities, challenges and responsibilities
  • finds out what they need to know in lots of different ways (research)
  • is enterprising

A Responsible Citizen

  • has a moral and ethical attitude
  • is a responsible and caring member of the community
  • is a considerate member of their community
  • is respectful of the environment and each other

An Effective Contributor

  • shares their ideas and has confidence they will be listened to
  • talks confidently and listens and respects other people's opinions and ideas
  • helps to decide how they will learn and what they will learn
  • helps to make their school even better
  • thinks about how they and others can do things even better
  • is an advocate of their school