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Hayley Salmon secures £3000 grant under the NHS Healthy Grant Scheme for The St Leonards Academy

Hayley Salmon secures £3000 grant under the NHS Healthy Grant Scheme for The St Leonards Academy

We are proud to celebrate the remarkable accomplishment of Hayley Salmon, Attendance Support Practitioner at the Trust, based at The St Leonards Academy in East Sussex. Hayley's recent success in securing a £3000 grant from the East Sussex Health Team highlights her dedication to enhancing student wellbeing.

The grant, awarded under the NHS Healthy grant scheme, signifies a significant milestone for The St Leonards Academy. In return for this funding, students will participate in a health survey.

What distinguishes Hayley's achievement is her proactive approach in making this opportunity a reality for The St Leonards Academy. Despite the grant being open to all academies, Hayley's initiative and commitment ensured its successful gain.

Hayley's innovative utilisation of the grant has transformed The St Leonards Academy into a hub of mental health and wellbeing resources. From art supplies and therapy Lego sets to weighted blankets and period belts, her efforts encompass a wide array of tools designed to support student growth and empowerment.

Moreover, Hayley's dedication extends beyond mere provision; she has curated resources that serve as catalysts for meaningful conversations and avenues for personal development. Lavender pads, laptops for office work, puzzles, sensory toys, Lego message boards, magnetic tiles, and an extensive collection of books and card games promoting mental health and self-reflection are among the enriching resources made available to students at the academy.

Hayley's efforts are ready to make a lasting and positive impact on The St Leonards Academy community for years to come.

The University of Brighton Academies Trust extends its heartfelt thank you to Hayley Salmon for what she has implemented at the academy. Congratulations, and well done!