Attendence and absence

We believe that pupils can only take full advantage of their education if they attend school regularly and punctually.

The Academy curriculum is carefully planned each day to ensure children receive rich and varied learning. A child misses valuable learning opportunities if they do not attend school regularly and on time. The learning they miss results in them having to spend time catching up, whilst persistent lateness or non-attendance could significantly disadvantage them throughout their school careers.

Please help us to ensure your child gets the best education possible by bringing them to school regularly and on time.

At the Academy we aim to:

  • promote excellent levels of school attendance and punctuality to ensure all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential
  • promote consistent practices and procedures
  • identify and deal with problems, which may lead to non-attendance.

Arriving late to school

The Academy doors currently open currently 8.35am. All children are expected to be in class ready to start learning by 9.00am.  Registers close at 9.00am. Arrival after this time will be recorded in the register as late. If a child arrives at school after 9.00am it will be recorded as unauthorised* in the register (see Unauthorised Absence). If your child is frequently late the parents/carers will be invited to a meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. All parents/carers arriving late with their children after 9.00am will need to enter through the Academy office, the time and reason for being late will be recorded by a member of the admin support team.  

*10 or more unauthorised sessions (a morning is one session) will be referred to the EWO and could result in a fixed penalty fine.

Absence from school