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That. Was. Amazing!

After a very strange 12 months, we didn’t know what to expect this Red Nose Day. 

But, as always, you brilliant, amazing, wonderful bunch pulled it out of the bag.

Whether you dressed up, danced, baked or simply switched on the TV and shared a smile, we can’t thank you enough.

Red Nose Day would be nothing without you. 

Here’s a little thank you video we made with a few friends. Make sure you share it with the whole school.

We know not everyone was able to raise money this year, but we’re still so grateful you joined in. We hope you and your pupils had a very well-deserved laugh.

If you were able to raise money or donate, thank you. It’s no mean feat in a global pandemic.

The money we raised together will help people living incredibly tough lives, in the UK and around the world.

With thanks and love,

Laura and the Red Nose Day schools team

A Year 1 pupil at Pound Hill Infant Academy, loves reading so much she was inspired to rap for world book day, see YouTube link below:

I hope all of you enjoy it as much as she did when she recorded it.

Trust news

The University of Brighton Academies Trust, which runs West St Leonard's Primary Academy, is delighted to have established a link with The Malagiri School. Initiated by West St Leonard's Primary Academy Principal, Dominic O'Regan, the reciprocal link aims to enrich student experience through a 'joint-learning' approach.