At Pound Hill Infant Academy we believe that a uniform enables pupils to feel a sense of belonging and to feel secure in their environment. It encourages pupils to take a sense of pride in their appearance. For this reason, we request all pupils to be in full uniform at all times. Our uniform expectations are reasonable, practical, affordable and meet with government regulations.  Sale of pre-loved uniform is available.


If you need any support with providing uniform for your children please come to the Academy office.

Please ensure all uniform items are clearly named, with the child’s first name and last name

Which uniform items are required?

  • Academy logo Jumper/Cardigan
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey/charcoal trousers or grey shorts
  • Grey/charcoal school skirt or grey pinafore
  • Grey/white socks or tights
  • Plain black school shoes/trainers

Summer uniform adaptations:

Optional pink and white checked gingham dress.

Which PE kit items are required?

  • White t-shirt
  • Maroon or black PE shorts
  • Maroon, black or navy tracksuit bottoms and top (no branded items or embellishment)
  • Black school trainers

Please see below for further guidance

Which logo items are required? 

Jumper or Cardigan

required logo

Which logo items are optional?

logo optional

Accepted generic items:

generic unifirm

Available from high street stores and supermarkets

Summer uniform: 

  • Optional pink and white checked gingham dress/playsuit
  • White socks
  • White leggings can be worn under a sun dress
  • Sun hats (to be worn outside) Generic sun hats

Expectations for PE kit: 


We work in partnership with Taylor Made Uniforms Ltd. They offer:

  • friendly efficient service offering good quality uniform at an affordable price
  • availability to visit to try on uniform before you purchase, by appointment only
  • free delivery to the Academy every Friday afternoon for you to collect from the office
  • free returns or exchange
  • online ordering system or by phone or email
  • flexible method of payment, credit or debit card, cash or cheque.

Further details on Taylor Made can be found by visiting their website, or by contacting Zoe on 01293 640 154. Alternatively, you can email info@taylormadeuniforms.co.uk 

A Taylor Made Uniform Order Form is available from the Academy office.

Expectations for jewelry and hairstyles: 

(taking into account the requirement to avoid discrimination in line with the Equality Act 2010) 

  • One pair of gold or silver stud earrings may be worn. No other jewellery is permitted. It is strongly advised that earrings are not to be worn during PE lessons
  • Children may wear a watch. (No smart watches) No other bracelets or bands are permitted
  • We advise children to wear long hair tied back. Hair should be of natural colour. Extreme hair-cuts will not be permitted and should be appropriate for the Academy environment, i.e. no Mohicans or fashionable shaved designs
  • Hair accessories should be small, discreet and where possible in Academy colours (Maroon) 
  • Religious jewellery can be worn when it is a necessary part of the faith.
  • Headscarves and other religious or cultural symbols can be worn if a necessary part of the faith e.g. a 1 piece maroon/white hijab.
  • No make-up or nail varnish

Expectations for shoes: 

  • All items to have the child’s name clearly written on it
  • Plain black school shoes or plain black trainers for uniform and PE kit
  • Coloured trainers, sandals, flip flops or high heeled shoes are not allowed

Expectations for bags, lunch boxes/water bottles and coats:

  • Bags need to be practical for carrying books, lunch boxes and water bottles  (small ruck sack or shoulder strap style)
  • One small keyring is allowed on a bag to support children in identifying their belongings
  • Lunch boxes should be standard size and style (not just a plastic bag)
  • Water bottle (plain water not juice or squash)
  • Coats are to be practical and weather appropriate

Where to purchase it 

New Academy logo items: We work in partnership with Taylor Made Uniforms Ltd. They offer:

  • Efficient service offering good quality uniform
  • Free delivery to the Academy every Friday afternoon during term-time for distribution
  • Free returns or exchange
  • Online ordering system or by email
  • Flexible methods of payment

Generic items: 

  • High street retailers and/or supermarkets

Information about ‘Pre-Loved’ uniform sales:

  • Friends of Pound Hill Infant Academy (PTA) hold regular ‘Pre-Loved’ uniform sales and ‘Give what you can’ uniform events.  This will support unnecessary wastage of quality nearly new Academy uniform items
  • Dates for all forthcoming sales will be listed in the Academy weekly newsletters.

Key information:

  • Please provide a waterproof coat everyday with your child’s name clearly written in it.
  • Each child should have their water bottle and packed lunch (with their name clearly written on them) if they are not having a hot meal
  • A change of clothes in a bag with your child’s name clearly written on it.  This can stay on their coat hook in the Academy, for their personal use if needed
  • Sun cream must be applied before the school day and a sun hat worn on all sunny days
  • Pencil cases and other resources will NOT be necessary
  • NO personal toys or cuddly toys are to be brought into the Academy